Jun 30, 2008

Outdoor Travel Adventures - Kadavu Classic

Kadavu Classic

7-day Adventure Around Remote Kadavu Island for $1670

Grade: 2 | Soft to Moderate

Country: Fiji
Activity: Kayaking

2008 Price: from $1670 per person

2008 Dates: Mar 30; Apr 6; May 1, 12; Jun 29; Jul 6; Aug 17, 31; Oct 26; Dec 7

Over seven days and six nights we combine world-class sea-kayaking and snorkeling with treks through rain-forests, visits to isolated villages, picnics on beaches, side-trips and surprises. We overnight in small, simple resorts, and spend one night as guests in a village. No camping! The beautiful marine environment and lush, tropical landscape of Kadavu are both the back-drops and the star attractions of the Kadavu Classic.

Day 1
At 11am we rendezvous at Fiji's Nadi International Airport, in time to board the 45-minute Sun Air flight to the island of Kadavu. From there a 1-2 hour scenic boat ride will ferry us along Kadavu's coastline to Waisalima Beach Resort. Time for a sea-kayaking refresher course, and/or a swim /snorkel off the beach.

Day 2
We have a great day trip planned: sea-kayaking along the coast and up into the mangroves at the head of Kavala Bay, then trekking into the rainforest for a refreshing swim under a towering waterfall, before returning to Waisalima Beach Resort for another night.

Day 3
A big day of sea-kayaking: across the channel to the island of Ono, and then around the coastline, through schools of flying fish, to the village of Naqara. We will be ceremonially welcomed by the chief and the villagers, and invited to share in the sacred drink, kava, and the feast cooked in the underground oven, the lovo.

Day 4
After a fond farewell to the people of Naqara, we continue our journey around the coastline of the island, stopping somewhere special for a picnic lunch. More kayaking after lunch takes us to Kenia Beach Resort, where comfortable beach-front bures await us.

Day 5
The biggest day of the expedition: we cross the channel between Ono and Kadavu then kayak along the coast, stopping to enjoy another picnic/snorkel/siesta session. By the end of the day we're in a resort named Matava, the Great Astrolabe Hideaway. Matava is a unique resort, situated where the rain-forest meets the reef. Luxurious surroundings and adventurous pursuits are a specialty.

Day 6
A kayak journey across turquoise lagoons, and time to snorkel where turtles are often seen. We'll paddle a little further to a nearby village for lunch, rest a little, then follow a trail through the forest to a spectacular waterfall and swimming area. Back to Matava for a special last-evening dinner and a well-earned sleep.

Day 7
More snorkeling for those still keen, otherwise a sleepy morning. Another scenic boat-ride (1 hour) to Kadavu's airport, a farewell to the guides, then a 45-minute flight back to Nadi International Airport and onward travel plans. (Scheduled arrival time back in Nadi: 1.45pm.)


  • Domestic airfare (Nadi-Kadavu-Nadi)
  • 5 nights resort accommodation
  • 1 night village accommodation
  • All meals while in Kadavu, and refreshments throughout each day
  • Guided sea-kayaking, plus guided walks, snorkeling trips and other activities on each day
  • All sea-kayaking and snorkeling equipment, and tuition
  • Professional guides and support staff
  • All vehicle and boat transfers while in Kadavu, and motorized support boat services throughout the sea-kayaking sectors
*Price subject to change based on exchange rate at time of booking.

Outdoor Travel Adventures | Kadavu Classic

Jun 28, 2008

Rivers Fiji - Fiji White Water Rafting

The Rivers Fiji management team has been in the whitewater rafting business for more than 25 years and is excited to share their enthusiasm for the exploration of wild rivers in Fiji with you.

Whether you're an experienced whitewater veteran or a complete novice, they have a variety of options to accommodate a range of skill and interest levels. From class I to class IV whitewater, aboard inflatable kayaks and whitewater rafts, explore some of Fiji's most spectacular terrain by floating in relative comfort along two of the country's premier liquid pathways, the Upper Navua Gorge and Wainikoroiluva.

Kayak through lush mangrove forest ... Snorkel incredible coral reefs. Their Beqa Island Sea Kayaking Adventure provides the perfect addition to paradise. Rivers Fiji is committed to sustainable tourism practices and work very closely with neighboring riverside villages. Guides grew up along the rivers they explore and know their environment better than anyone.

The entire staff at Rivers Fiji looks forward to sharing both of these beautiful and unique river journeys with you during your visit to paradise, the Fijian Islands.

Rivers Fiji - Fiji White Water Rafting

Jun 24, 2008

Fiji Multi Sport Vacations

Dedicated to the proposition that all vacations are not created equal!
So you have your room with a view. Now what? For Fiji Adventures guests, this is where their real vacation begins. Throw open the door, strap on your most comfy walking shoes, your fanny pack, grab a mask and a snorkel, and explore Fiji from top to bottom, mild to wild, any and every way you like it.

Since 1998 Fiji Adventures has been the specialist for fun and adventure to Fiji. Not content to simply book their guests’ airfare and resort stay, the company began a bold investigation on several of the 330 islands that make up the Fijian archipelago. The result is over 60 innovative and unmatched itineraries you can experience like no other traveler will.

The Fiji Adventures Experience
The “usual and customary” tropical vacation experience entails a lie on the beach, a drink in the hand. A Fiji Adventures experience is always atypical, and unique. While you can “let go” under the gifted hands of traditional bobo massage therapist while listening to the waves break gently on the reefs, your trip will be interspersed with a true exploration into the heart and soul of the islands. With a group of indigenous guides that make each moment a truly memorable one.

Trips include active honeymoons, pure adrenalin adventures, soft adventure, diving, surfing, sailing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, zipping the rainforest canopy, game fishing, even wild boar hunting and shark feeding are available if the mood strikes you. Pre-packaged adventures are for your convenience, but specially created itineraries to fit your personality and dreams is one of Fiji Adventures’ specialties.

FUN Trips for Fun Guests
Fiji Adventures thinks guests say it best …

Every adventure was more than I expected, and just what I needed.
Bernie Freidt, North Dakota

Bula! We had a blast. We definitely loved having such a structured 6 days thanks to Fiji Adventures. Everything went as you planned for us, just wonderful!
Amanda and Jeremy Fowler, California

I just wanted to write and let you know that my friend Hannah and I had an absolutely amazing time in Fiji. Thank you so much for all of your help with the organisation of the trip. The resort was fantastic and all of the tours and sightseeing was amazing. So much so that we both fell in love with place.
Anna Chu, Sydney, Australia

I am back from my vacation and just wanted you and your team to know that I had a fantastic time!! Everything went so smoothly I can hardly believe it. I travel a lot and have been to many places around the world including much of Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean and have never enjoyed a vacation as much as this one. The resort was just incredible!! Fiji is my new favorite vacation spot and I plan to return next year. No doubt about it!
Cheryl Archer, California

It was a trip of a lifetime. I have never had a more thorough experience visiting anywhere.
Chris Bettin, Colorado

Fiji Adventures - Fiji Multi Sport Vacations

Jun 18, 2008

Homestay adventures at Fiji Villages

Experience the world's cleanest air, finest beaches and discover why the Fijian's are recognised as the friendliest people on earth - stay with villagers families at their villages for a fraction of the cost of staying at a hotel! Cheap travel are all part of the Fijian Village Homestay experience.

You will have the opportunity to participate in all areas of the Fijian's lives from traditional kava ceremonies to sit down meals, from walks or horse riding to magnificent waterfalls to traditional mat making; you can observe traditional spearfishing in the coral reef or go horse riding on unspoilt beaches. We guarantee that most of the Fiji Holiday offered to you by our villages are not available anywhere else in Fiji. If you have children they will have the time of their lives with the Fijian children eagerly welcoming them into their play. The sense of community that you will experience during your stay will remain with you for ever and we are confident that "once bitten" you will return again to your new family next time you visit Fiji.

Fiji Holidays and independent travel advice to help plan your holiday to this exotic south pacific destination. Fiji Village Homestays offers one of the most unusual but wonderful vacation spots for travellers - from families to honeymooners to single women to couples looking for a wedding with a difference.

You can fly Virgin Blue, Qantas, Virgin Pacific, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific then book your stay with us. You will have the opportunity to participate in all areas of the Fijian's lives from traditional kava ceremonies to sit down meals, from walks or horse riding to magnificent waterfalls to traditional mat making; you can observe traditional spearfishing in the coral reef or go horse riding on unspoilt beaches. We guarantee that most of the traditional activities offered to you by our villages are not available anywhere else in Fiji. If you have children they will have the time of their lives with the Fijian children eagerly welcoming them into their play. The sense of community that you will experience during your stay will remain with you for ever and we are confident that "once bitten" you will return again to your new family next time you visit. lote tuqiri South Pacific Travel, Sunflower Airlines, Astral travel, Fiji Budget travel, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, Viti Levu, Beqa, The Fijians are recognised as the friendliest people on earth - stay with villagers at their villages at cheap backpacker rates or holiday packages instead of of staying at a hotel and discover their unique tribal culture! Consider these village option... Naroro, Naiseuseu, Korovisilou, Malevu. Matacawalevu, Nadrau, where you can enjoy Fijian adventure, kayaking, rafting, Honeymoons, cheap packages, backpackers, back packers,

We offer cheap holiday packages and sights like, Wainikoroilova, Matacawalevu, Malevu, Nadrau, Wainitonuve, river, Wainuta waterfall, Wainuta, travelling, resort, fun stuff, hiking, snorkelling, diving, island hopping, fishing, ativities, kids club. We also offer island hopping, hiking, retreat, resort, crusoes retreat, holiday, tourists, natives, pacific, ocean, accommodation, Vacations, Honeymoons

Our villages provide inexpensive gateways to Frigates Passage - a famous surfing strip off Waidroka Bay; diving and snorkelling at Beqa Island; line fishing and snorkelling off the Coral Coast; the historic Tavuni Hill Fort with a 2,500 year old killing rock; the beautiful beaches of the Yasawa Islands; remote inland adventures and treks acoss Viti Levu as well as much, much more.

Fiji Holidays - Homestay adventures at Fiji Villages:

Jun 12, 2008

Extreme Sports Aboard Bite Me

Now and again, the hard working Directors of Matava Resort get the chance to take a day off and go play with toys normally reserved for guest activities. Sometimes we go explore diving along the mile upon mile of outer slopes of the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef. Sometimes we go heavy tackle marlin fishing or chase a National or World line class gamefish Record.

Sometimes we just do something crazy.

In March we elected to do someithing nutty and geared up Bite Me with medium to heavy tackle, deep drop jig rods, underwater camera - and snorkeling gear.

About an hour and a half offshore from the resort is a seamount that rises from depths of about 9,000ft to a shallow peak at 400ft. Its a very fishy place to go and Bite Me often fishes there for marlin, yellowfin, wahoo and mahi mahi. We also find sharks there, much to the distress of livebaits set for marlin and it is normal to see the occasional hammerhead, tiger or oceanic white tip cruising around. The largest shark we have ever seen aboard Bite Me was a huge tiger shark out on the seamount that followed a hooked fish right up to the transom.

On arrival, we drifted gently over the seamount with a freshly caught yellowfin tuna head on the end of a rope off the back. We then dropped a deep drop jig rod to the sea floor with a couple of small hooks baited with fresh yellowfin tuna . In no time we were bringing up a big fat large eyed bream. Delicious to eat but this fish was meant for something else. We brought it up to just below the surface and then waited for its distressed actions to call in the nearest shark. Cameraman Richard and his 'watch my back' man Stuart geared up.

After about a minute I spotted a shark coming in and gave the signal for the baits to be pulled in and the snorkelers to enter the water. Stuart dipped his head in to check the sharks species and behavior and then off they went.

This shark was cautious and circled the snorkelers in a wary fashion before cruising off into the depths. Richard fired off some amazing photographs and we are now in the process of asking several shark experts to help us identify her. So far our research indicates a species of oceanic whaler but her unusually thick caudal penduncal (tail wrist) and keel is causing some debate.

Whatever she was, she was majestic and a thrill to swim with in open water.

Personally, I prefer to keep my feet high and dry on the bridge....

Jun 10, 2008

Fiji Adventure Travel - National Geographic Adventure Magazine

The A/S Tui Tai already had a corner on the South Pacific's adventure cruise market—packed with top-of-the-line mountain bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and scuba gear, it's been plying Fiji's waters for 25 years, ferrying passengers from one unspoiled island to the next. But this spring, life onboard gets even sweeter: when the ship leaves dry dock with half a million dollars' worth of renovations, including eight new expedition cabins, four staterooms, a spa, and five daybeds for lounging on deck.

The ship's relaunch is timed to coincide with the arrival of calm seas, when the season really gets going for what owner Tige Young calls "extremely remote island expeditions." Each day, the Tui Tai arrives at a new island or dive site in one of the richest regions of marine life on Earth. When not exploring the underwater marvels, you'll hike, bike, and unwind on empty islands, taxing yourself now and again with the task of seeking out secret jungle swimming holes.

Before shipping out, grab an extra day for beach time near Fiji's capital, Suva, and allow yourself to recuperate from 15 hours of flying and International Date Line-induced jet lag.

Days: 7

Outfitter: A/S Tui Tai www.tuitai.com

Cost: $3,000

Fiji Adventure Travel - National Geographic Adventure Magazine

Jun 8, 2008

Fiji River Rafting

The Upper Navua: 1-day program

Fiji’s Grand Canyon: Whitewater Rafting • Inflatable Kayaking

In the remarkable highlands of Viti Levu lies one of the most unique rivers on earth. Slicing a deep chasm through the island’s tropical interior, the Upper Navua River is our hidden pathway to a pristine tropical wilderness. Shrouded in lush rainforest, fed by countless waterfalls and protected by challenging rapids, the headwaters of the Upper Navua have remained unexplored and unknown to all but the most intrepid adventurers – until now.

Join us on this unforgettable journey into paradise where you and your expert guides negotiate exciting whitewater, experience highlands culture, explore hidden grottoes, cool off beneath cascading waterfalls, search for exotic wildlife, and hike amidst emerald forests. Fun, adventure, and uncommon beauty – this full-day river trip has it all!

Adventure Fiji - Fiji River Rafting