Aug 26, 2010

New telephone numbers for Matava!

Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort has installed a new Satellite Communications System with new telephone numbers. We have new methods of contacting Matava in the Fiji Islands including new telephone and fax numbers and a new Skype name! All running off the in-house solar power!

Our new permanent contact numbers are:

TELEPHONE:    +679 603 0685

FAX:    +679 603 0684

SKYPE:    MatavaFiji

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"And so what does this mean to you?" I hear you ask? Well one of the big step forwards is that we now have a 24 hour contact via Skype technology and voice-mail there-in on site at the resort. This will revolutionise our online reservations and booking system.

Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco-Adventure Resort Matava Resort is proud to install this communications solution purely using the alternative power already available at the resort.

We will maintain our current CDMA/Easytel phone (+679 368 0080) until the end of August 2010, at which point they it be disconnected.

The new system runs on the Gilat SkyEdge System which supports telephony, broadband data and video communications via satellite. It is optimized for transaction-oriented applications, business continuity needs, legacy protocols, rural telephony deployments and multi-topology networks with mesh, star and multi-star topologies.

The system has an uplink speed of 64kbps where the service and support are provided by Connect Fiji

Not only does the new service out perform its predecessors, the satellite network is designed to perform even under the heavy tropical rain.

The equipment installed at Matava is called a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal). It consists of a 1.8m dish (situated hidden away behind the resort office) and outdoor electronics for communicating with the satellite and an indoor unit to which our standard telephone /fax lines and laptops are connected. The intelligence within the indoor unit processes the calls and distributes them to assigned telephone lines.

Power for the terminal is purely 12V DC and is supplied by our own in-house solar panels and batteries in our Main Bure complex.

Watch this space for the next phase in the program which is to make WiFi available directly to guests laptops in the Main Bure (shhhhh... this is currently top secret info!)

Once again, here are our new permanent contact numbers:

TELEPHONE:    +679 603 0685

FAX:    +679 603 0684

SKYPE:    MatavaFiji

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Aug 12, 2010

Project AWARE Foundation: Event Details

Join the children from local Vacalea Primary School to collect all the rubbish between the school and the resort.

Students from Vacalea Primary School
Vacalea Primary School

Last year, over 10 sacks of marine debris were collected including shoes, fishing nets, plastic bags and even a plastic chair!

Afterwards everyone can enjoy a BBQ, lolling around in the sea and plenty of rugby with the kids, and of course staff, at Matava

2010 is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, an international campaign designed to raise environmental awareness on a global scale.

Underwater environments are under numerous threats including pollution, debirs, climate change, overfishing, and coral bleaching. Dive for Earth Day is an extraordinary opportunity to take action and help address the underwater issues that concern you most.

Over the last 10 years, the Project AWARE Foundation have joined this effort to focus attention on aquatic environments, and named this 'Dive for Earth Day'.


With the oceans covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface and providing habitat for 90% of all life on the planet, one aim is to highlight the issues facing this particular environment, including pollution, debris, climate change, overfishing and coral-bleaching. Human activity is costing the Earth. And despite the oceans' vast expanse, our marine debris is taking its toll on aquatic eco systems.

Project AWARE Foundation: Event Details

Aug 6, 2010

Dentists & Matava Foundation in Kadavu, 2010

Aug 5, 2010

Manta Ray, Kadavu, Fiji

Aug 4, 2010

Remote paradise - TripAdvisor

Matava is the perfect place to experience the beautiful part of Fiji that is Kadavu.

The location is great, overlooking the lagoon and then to the outer reefs in the distance.

The friendly atmosphere created by the owners and the incredible staff (led by the incomparable Maggie) feels just right and the communal dining tables allows a relaxed, informal interaction with the other guests over the fresh and varied food.

The Bures are reasonably simple but very nicely done with decent amenities (lights, running water, proper toilet, shower etc.) considering that it is an eco-resort and very remote.

There is plenty to keep you as active or inactive as desired. Snorkelling is great between the resort and nearby island and others guests said the diving nearby is 1st class. Other activities include boat trips, private beach picnics, surfing and a real highlight of visiting the nearby school, village and waterfall.

The island of Kadavu is a window into the Fiji of the past, untouched by many of the historical colonial influences or present political contrivances.

We really cannot recommend Matava enough if you are looking for something different and beautiful. Set your expectations accordingly (remembering it is an eco-resort and a long way from anywhere) and you will not be disappointed.
Remote paradise - Review of Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji - TripAdvisor:

Aug 2, 2010

National Geographic Interactive|

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National Geographic Interactive

The Responsible Tourism Awards organised by

Tourism Fiji
2010 sponsor of the Best in a marine environment category

Fiji, 'The Soft Coral Capital of the World', is made up of 333 islands surrounded by reefs and diverse underwater terrain. It is rated as one of the world's top ten dive destinations and is a South Pacific marine paradise famous for its white sand, palm fringed beaches, azure lagoons and exceptional reefs.

World famous marine biologist Jean-Michel Cousteau says of Fiji: "The unparalleled range of quality dive sites and sheer diversity of life of the reefs is overwhelming."

Tourism Fiji is dedicated to promoting and protecting this special, and in parts very fragile, marine environment and has long supported and actively encouraged sustainable tourism. Fiji Tourism's UK and Ireland representative, Jane West emphasises the importance of this work: "As a tourist board it is vital to educate all visitors to be both socially and environmentally responsible for the benefit of, most importantly, the Fijian people and future tourists to their wonderful country."

To help project the eco-systems, Tourism Fiji works with partners to conserve Fiji's marine biodiversity by encouraging guests not to remove items, especially coral, from the reefs and requesting they do not purchase souvenir products made from coral or endangered plants or animals.

Many of the country's leading resorts offer diving adventures. One of them, Matava, has just a won the Project AWARE Marine Environmental category at the PADI Asia Pacific Member Awards. The award rewards vision, excellence and pursuit of conservation to ensure the enjoyment of underwater environments for future generations.

The Responsible Tourism Awards organised by