Jul 17, 2008

Fiji Ecotourism Association

The Fiji Ecotourism Association (FEA) was established 10 years ago but has been non-active at times. There are approximately 60 community managed ecotourism projects to date that include accommodation, tours, National Parks, marine areas, etc, around Fiji.

The association has grown from a conservation driven organisation to now helping regional communities develop ecotourism projects and adding value through environmental education, economic contribution, community resource ownership, etc.

The major activities are marketing and promoting ecotourism programs, encouraging regional involvement, protecting environmentally sensitive areas, assisting human resource training, etc.

The association also works with some NGOs, the ecotourism unit within the Ministry of Tourism, local marine coastal areas and the USP. Future challenges for the association are monitoring current ecotourism projects, encouraging and supporting future projects.