May 8, 2009

Hostels that we find outstanding

A collection of hostels that we find outstanding. Check it out:

Lazy – New Zealand
The Lazy Fish has been around for a long time now (two decades?) but it still is one of the nicest places you can find. Tucked away in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds it is only reachable by boat and with its love for details is creates a great atmosphere. – Ecuador
Nestled in the Valley of Longevity this unique place combines it all: rich nature, cosy accommodation, great food and a beautiful pool. You can tell that the owners have set up their dream hostel.

Matava - – Fiji
Few getaways in Fiji can boast secluded splendour combined with the adrenalin rush of adventure like Matava. This place is unique. You can not beat the combination of this eco-oriented far out place and world-class diving at the Great Astrolabe Reef.

Dolphin Bay – Fiji
No roads, no cars, no discos, no dress code – this amazing place caught our attention due to its unbelievable setting. You are at the beach and in the jungle at the same time, sharks swimming up right to your tent…The diving is magic!

The Tree – New Zealand
The tree House is set in a subtropical garden next to a great forest and right at the water of Hokianga Harbour. The owners are chilled people and it is easy to get sucked into this easy lifestyle. It is the place to chill out.

Poc-Na Youth Hostel – no internet site – Mexico
The pirate hangout on Isla Mujeres: Right at the beach it features this unsurpassed Bacardi island feeling. It is basic, not to say rustic, but it certainly is one of the greatest places to meet fellow hard-core travellers.

Cat’s – Spain
This beautiful hostel in Madrid adds some sophisticated European style and flavour to the international hostelling scene. Cat’s is so stunningly beautiful that you never want to leave – you just need to hang out around the central patio and take it all in. And then you go out and party hard.

Red Lantern – China
This Chinese courtyard hostel is a great introduction to the country. While not exactly ion Beijing downtown this family-run business preserves the charm of a splendid era. Stuffed with Chinese ornaments you feel like Tintin on a mission…

Arnott’s – Hawaii
Be prepared for some big adventures while on Big Island – the place to stay is Arnott’s Lodge in Hilo (Yes, the owner is one of the cookie guys). Set in a lush tropical garden Arnoot’s provides everything a budget-minded traveller could wish for. They organise outstanding day trips. – USA
Charleston, South Carolina, may not be on the backpacker trail, but it does have an outstanding Hostel. The NotSoHostel provides some Southern architecture and hospitality. The fantastic veranda and porches are especially cosy.

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