Jul 5, 2010

HydroSports : Dental Mission Impressions Part 1

I was so looking forward to our trip to Fiji. I was as excited about being able to help people as I was to be diving. I couldn't hardly wait!

I was a little nervous as I looked at the Matava web-site...very remote. Wasn't quite sure about being so remote. I was wondering what I was getting into when we got to the "dock" and loaded up in the boat to get to the resort. Oh boy! But I found myself being truly amazed and awe struck. What a beautiful Resort, wonderful people, and the remoteness, being off the grid, was actually quite great. I couldn't have imagined the peace and wonder before going as being real. But it is real! I felt so welcome. I know I didn't want to leave!!

Still find myself thinking about being there. I want to do more for the people. Just knowing that our helping them saved them so much time and their hard earned money and long term pain warmed my heart. The people were so very appreciative of the help and anything we did. They did not expect it! Just appreciated. So different from what I see here in the US. I want to experience the freedom from possessions, freedom from technology, and the peace some more. I think everyone should be able to experience what I did at least once in their life. Just an amazing experience.

I loved the diving. Oh my, how beautiful it was under the water. Warm, so full of life, clean and seeing the way our divemasters care. The sparkle in their eyes. It was a lot of work, no laying in the sun, no pina coladas on the beach, but in my book and heart it was the best!! Definitely a life changing experience, puts things into perspective and made me look deeper at myself and what is truly important to me . Yes, I would love to go again. I think it would be a good place for other diver's (and medical personnel) to consider.

No, it isn't for everyone, but they really would be missing out on "heaven on earth" in my opinion!!

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