May 12, 2012

The Bamboo Spa @ Matava - a sanctuary on the island of Kadavu, Fiji

Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco-Adventure Resort
Matava - Fiji's Premier eco Adventure Resort is proud to have opened the first full service Pure Fiji Spa on the island of Kadavu.

The Bamboo Spa is the first and only full service Spa facility on Kadavu. We decided to partner with Pure Fijias our environmental policies and missions are so much in line.
We are proud to have Ms Channel Joy join our management team as our Spa Manager and Senior Beauty Therapist since opening. Chanel has been a professional in the spa industry in Fiji since the 1990's and was one of the designers and managers of the Pure Fiji Spa at Pure fiji;s headquarters in Fiji.

Matava Resort is proud to have installed this Spa purely using the alternative power already available at the resort. All water heating and lighting is supplied by purely solar systems. 

The Bamboo Spa

- a sanctuary on the island of Kadavu
Step lightly over the gateway to relaxation - a symbolic beginning to your journey through this oasis - leaving behind cares and the outside world as if on a far distant shore. Each guest's journey is unique... 

Chanel and client in the Frangipani Room
As part of our full body rituals, your path begins with another soothing experience rich with symbolic meaning - a warm foot soak in fragrant coconut milk bath... a welcoming and cleansing gesture which will leave you feeling serene.
Choose your path through this sanctuary, with a promising selection of natural treatments lovingly made with uniquely Fijian plant extracts - heavenly massages and wraps, miraculous facials, and the most luxurious of spa pedicures and manicures. 
Indulge your body with one of our unique signature treatments; experience all of our world-class facilities for a total spa escape and ritual.
With flowers freshly picked from the Resort's gardens and the exotic fragrances emanating from the spa’s entrance and hidden gardens you realise you’re in for a truly unique experience. The tranquil surroundings and discreet staff lend a sense of peace and harmony in balance with nature.  
Not only will skin and body be refreshed and revived - but every choice on this journey will leave your heart a little lighter, your spirit a little brighter until we at the Bamboo Spa welcome you once again.
The Bamboo Spa features the nourishing products of Pure Fiji.

Pure Fiji is committed to quality and embodies a passion for the beautiful people, traditions, and environments of Fiji.

Pure Fiji employs nearly 500 people from seven rural villages, a human network that produces cold pressed nut oils and natural packaging materials. Hand-made paper made from natural fibers, traditional masi bark cloth, woven baskets, and nut oil production provide these communities with sustainable income while perpetuating honored traditions and unique skills.

Pure coconut oil, the base ingredient for all of Pure Fiji's products, has been used for hair care, skin care, and massage for generations. Pure Fiji's natural bath and beauty products include luxurious body butter, hydrating body lotion, coconut sugar rub, shampoo and conditioner, coconut milk bath soak, and nourishing body oil.  

Pure Fiji

discover the south pacific secret for beautiful skin and hair

Pure Fiji
For centuries South Pacific and Fiji islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify both skin and hair. Pure Fiji brings you the best of these traditional blends for today's natural bath and body care. Discover intensive hydrating body oils, creamy coconut lotions, nourishing hand made soaps and fresh sugar scrubs that will get your skin glowing.

Protecting the Environment & Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Eco Packaging
Pure Fiji is committed to sustainable manufacturing and reducing its carbon footprint. Botanical ingredients such as the blend of nut oils are wild-harvested 
This reduces our requirement for energy dependent irrigation and fertilization methods thus limiting our carbon impact. Bottles used in packaging are PET which are an environmentally responsible choice as they require 24% less energy to produce and generate 40% less solid waste than glass bottles. Gift packaging is made by hand using natural fibers such as handmade paper or in delightful woven baskets.
What are we doing right now to improve conservation?

Eco-smart production

Sustainable Raw Materials

Botanical ingredients produced in Fiji are harvested sustainably without impact on the plants themselves or the surrounding environment.
Processing of several of the ingredients used in formulations rely on hand-operated cold pressing of nuts into oil. This limits the carbon impact on the environment while creating employment opportunities for rural communities.
Green EarthSome of the methods employed in processing the ingredients use a natural source of energy such as passive solar dryers. This eliminates the need to use bio-mass, electric resistance, or liquid fuel-fired heaters.
By-products from coconut husks and the shell material from oil bearing nuts are recycled as mulch and fertiliser.
The structures which support these enterprises are often made of local, environmentally low-impact materials such as plaited sago palm roofing. Such buildings are bright, airy, and cool, eliminating the need for artificial lighting or ventilating. Some suppliers of the processed botanicals minimise any environmental impact by running generators etc on natural, unrefined coconut oil.

Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort, is an eco adventure getaway offering you a fun and unique blend of cultural experiences and adventure activities in the environmentally pristine and remote island of Kadavu in the Fiji Islands. Matava - Fiji Premier Eco Adventure Resort is a PADI Dive 5 Star Resort as well as a Project AWARE GoEco Operator.  Matava offers accommodation for up to 22 guests in lush tropical surroundings in traditional thatched Fijian 'bures' with hardwood polished floors, louvre windows and private decks offering privacy, comfort and superb ocean views.Follow us on TwitterFind us on Facebook

Pure Fiji is a natural bath and body products manufacturer which caters to the exclusive spa and salon industry. Founded 12 years ago by Gaëtane Austin and her daughter Andrée, Pure Fiji began research, development, and production of their uniquely Fijian products around the family kitchen table. Organics and natural products are popular now, but Pure Fiji has always appreciated the numerous benefits of coconut oil and the myriad of botanical and herbal curatives and remedies that have been utilized by the Fijian people for hundreds of years. Having pioneered the use of local nuts and botanical extracts into true South Pacific therapies, their spa located within the grounds of the factory premises serves as a invaluable research and development tool for both the products and the uniquely Pacific spa therapies which complement them. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

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