Feb 20, 2009

A Tribute to HG

Today was a sad day at Matava Resort. One of our longest serving staff members passed away. HG our security dog.

He saw this resort being built and has seen owners, staff and guests come and go. He protected this place with an iron bark that echoed throughout the island.

He never complained and could sit and listen so loyally. He took Pipi and Harley under his wing and taught them their roles as dogs at Matava resort.

The staff really do miss having him around, and we really miss our loyal coconut stealing friend.


Dave said...


I worked at Matava as a dive master back in 1999. HG had a companion, Roy, a coffee drinking parrot with an attitude.

HG was impressive, but sweet. He used to barge into our bure in the middle of the night, arrange our back packs and dry clothes and use them as his bed.

It's good to read he had a long and good life.