Jun 26, 2009

Ecotourism at ECOCLUB®, the International Ecotourism Club™,  a global ecological tourism network

ECOCLUB® - International Ecotourism Club™ promotes social & ecological change through & within Tourism. An acclaimed news & social network with Members, individuals & organisations worldwide! It was founded on July 1, 1999 and is based in Athens, Greece (European Union). Our correspondence address is: ECOCLUB S.A. PO BOX 65232, PSIHICO, ATHENS 154 10, GREECE. ECOCLUB® is co-directed by Antonis B. Petropoulos & Frosso K. Dimitrakopoulou. The word and mark ECOCLUB® is a registered trademark of ECOCLUB S.A. Contact us

We support the philosophy and practice of Social Ecotourism / Ecosocial Tourism worldwide. We participate in tourism policy & decision-making processes, conferences, and the worldwide progressive movements. On a day to day basis, we act as an alternative, low-cost ecotourism consultancy, promoting environmentally-friendly holiday options & related services, supporting ecotourism practitioners, academics and students, offering resources such as specialist news coverage, networking and career opportunities, information about upcoming events, new publications, consultancy and funding opportunities and much more. ECOCLUB, the International Ecotourism Magazine™, our electronic publication, is packed with exclusive ecotourism news and views and interviews with tourism & environment leaders & pioneers. We also promote quality cooperative, ecological and organic products at low prices via the ECOCLUB.com Shop.

Ecotourism at ECOCLUB®, the International Ecotourism Club™, a global ecological tourism network


Mandino said...

one thing that I have observed from ecotourism is that some tourists that enter the eco tourist parks sometime cause an extra cost to nature... I would like to suggest the traveler community http://www.baraaza.com/contest/ for more areas of travel for backpackers... They are currently hosting a contest...