Jan 4, 2010

Holiday ideas with Fiji on an action-packed Tui Tai luxury cruise | Travel feature | travelbite.co.uk


Action-packed cruise holiday in Fiji

Monday, 02 Nov 2009 11:11
Cruise holidays in Fiji (photo: Tim Burgess www.insearchofeden.org)
It’s my own fault. After a week of lazing on beaches in Fiji I had become restless and in search of adventure.

Enter Tui Tai - a luxury cruise ship which brings a whole new definition to the phrase “action-packed holiday”.

I boarded the first-class vessel on Monday night from Natewa Bay on north island Vanua Levu. I had assured my host, Tim, that I wanted to cram as much as possible into my trip, which is why he’s knocking on my door at 6am.

I drag myself out of my cabin (big enough for a double bed and also boasting an ensuite bathroom and air conditioning) for a 30-minute yoga session - only to find that during the night, we‘d moved to our next location, Rabi Island.

We are on the upper deck, surrounded by plush sunbeds where throughout the day you can soak up the rays as you cruise around, should you wish. The early start is definitely worth it. The view of the sparkling turquoise Pacific Ocean and some of the 333 islands making up the archipelago is outstanding.

With just two other guests aboard a boat that can comfortably accommodate 25, we are spoilt rotten by the friendly and helpful Fijian staff.

We have just enough time to grab a coffee before a speed boat whizzes us off to the first activity of the cruise – a dive on TTL Reef.

Holiday ideas with Fiji on an action-packed Tui Tai luxury cruise | Travel feature | travelbite.co.uk


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