Jan 21, 2010

MV Clipper Odyssey

Matava Resort recently had its first cruise ship visit when the MV Clipper Odyssey visited and disembarked 75 passengers into the waiting arms of Matava Resort staff. 
Our guests for the day went on one of three activitity trips organised by the resort. About 25 guests were taken out to the Great Astrolabe barrier reef for a snorkeling experience of a lifetime aboard our resort dive boats.
25 guests went on a birdwatching trek through the island's rainforrest and bush to seek and successfully find and photograph the islands 4 endemic bird species. (Kadavu Musk Parrot, Kadavu Fantail, Kadavu Honeyeater and Kadavu Whistling Dove) 

Finally, another large group were guided to our local Fijian village where villagers greeted our visitors with a traditional Fijian kava ceremony and put on a traditional 'Meke' before everyone took a dip in the village's spectaculor waterfall.
The cruise ship visit was and extraordinary success and all visiting passengers enjoyed a special day that they will long remember.
We look forward to extending this reef, birding and cultural experience to future cruise ship passengers.