Oct 5, 2008

Best coach seats on Singapore 747

Assuming you're flying coach on a Singapore Airlines 747, the hot ticket is to get in rows 61-64(or the equivalent on other airliens configurations), seats A/C or H/K.

The normal configuration of the plane is 3/5/3 but because the fuselage narrows at the back, the seats there are 2/4/2. This gives you a bit more room to place things on the floor or even stretch out a bit and there's an area behind row 64 that's good for standing to stretch out legs and get the blood flowing.

Plus the bathrooms are in the back. Singapore does meal service back-to-front so you get fed first, too. (if YOU order a special meal, and Singapore airlines has quite a nice choice, YOU will always get fed first) There are only 8 of these
seats so you may have to finagle to get