Oct 23, 2008

Gen E

gen e

“If role modeling a green lifestyle is our message, then young people are the perfect messengers.” -- Debbie Levin, President, EMA

“gen e” (Generation Environment) is the new generation of Hollywood stars promoting environmental awareness through public service announcements (PSA’s), personal appearances and celebrity role modeling. “gen e” provides positive solutions to young people across the country who have the most to gain or lose from the critical environmental choices we make today.

Young actors, actresses and musicians entertain, of course, but they also serve as role models to millions of people. They are the subject of admiration and inspiration to scores of people in their formative years. EMA works with young celebrities to reach the impressionable youth market with powerful messages concerning the health of our planet. "gen e" attracts an extremely high media profile which directly impacts the environmental awareness and education of millions.

Young Hollywood’s passion for the environment is priceless and EMA is committed to showcasing this synergy in unique, attention-getting ways to the youth around the world. Whether seen driving a hybrid, wearing organic clothes to a movie premiere or planting a tree, chances are EMA was involved! Some other “gen e” activities include:

  • A stylish Hollywood dinner party hosted by Mary-Kate Olsen where celebrity EMA Board Members ‘mentored’ the group on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Attendees include Mischa Barton, Joshua Jackson, Jesse Metcalfe, Nicole Richie and other young celebrities. The event was covered in Teen Vogue.
  • Playful yet informative PSA’s featuring Emmanuelle Chriqui, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Maroon 5, Debra Messing, Edward Norton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jason Ritter, Marla Sokoloff, Constance Zimmer and others. Topics range from water, air, energy and more, and have been aired nationwide on network, local and cable TV channels as well as specialized radio markets.
  • EMA Board Member DJ AM spins at the first annual EMA E! Golden Green Party, ditching his gas-guzzling car for a new Lexus hybrid. TreePeople planted a tree for every party attendee including: Pink, JC Chavez, Jon Heder, Amy Smart and Sacha Baron Cohen. The event was covered by E! Entertainment Television, InStyle, USWeekly, People and more.

Gen E